Saturday, May 31, 2008


Girls trip out on the water. No kids, and no husbands!
My friend Hillary. CUTE!
Cheryl wakeboarding
I really need a tan!
We had a great time camping with our friends. I hope this summer is full of camping trips. The following two posts are pictures of our trip.

Marcus skiing

Marcus and the kids playing in the water.
Chase taking an awesome two hour nap! Lauren and Chase slept so good! My kids are early risers, so I was a little nervous about them waking up super early in the morning and waking everyone else up. It turns out, they were one of the last kids up.
Lauren, Olivia, and Chase
Lauren and Elise playing in the sand
Lauren driving the boat
Lauren, Baysia, Kyla, and Elise
Lauren and Baysia on the tube. I am so proud of Lauren for going by herself. This was her first time tubing. When the boat took off, the tube was submarined and Baysia and Lauren fell off. The tube landed on top of Lauren, and Marcus dove in the water to get her. Once she was in the boat, She looked at Marcus and said, "Daddy, you saved me!"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

We had a cinco de mayo party with some of our friends at the park. We had a barbeque and the kids played on the waterslide. It was a lot of fun.

I love his belly!

Nap time

I put Lauren and Chase both down for a nap. I went to check on them, and couldn't resist taking a picture. Chase was asleep under his bed, and Lauren had pulled out her baby doll crib and climbed in to take a nap. I have no idea how she fit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


we went down to Disneyland the first week of may. We stayed at Chad Jackson's house. (Marcus's roomate from college). He lives in Orange, so Disneyland was less than 10 min. away. This a picture of Lauren and Chad's little boy, Adam. He is so cute! It was a short, but very fun weekend. We got there friday night, went to Disneyland on saturday, and came home Sunday morning. Thanks Chad for letting us stay at your house. It was really good to see you and Amber again. Here are just a few pictures from our trip.

Lauren was asleep in the stroller, and Minnie mouse peeked her head in and woke her up. She was so happy.
She was so excited to see Jasmine. It was our first time ever seeing her at Disneyland. Afterwards, whenever she talked about Jasmine, she would say," she was showing her tummy. that's not appropriate."
Lauren is really into Pocahontas at this time. Lauren kept asking her where John Smith was. Pocahontas talked to Lauren for quite awhile. She thought Lauren was so cute, that she gave Lauren a kiss.
That was just a few of our pictures. We actually took Chase this year, and he loved it. When he talks of disneyland, he tells you that he was scared of the pirates. He never cried on the ride, but had a strong grip on Marcus's leg.