Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Little Pony Party

Lauren turns 4 Dec. 17th. I decided to throw her a party early. She insisted on having a My Little Pony party. It was a lot of fun. I painted the girls faces,(thanks Meghan for your help), we had a pinata, and a ton of ponies to play with. We had ten girls over and they had so much fun playing with each other. It was so cute to watch Chase. He followed the girls everywhere. When they were screaming, he was screaming. When we ordered Lauren's cake, the Baker sat her down and had her taste three different cakes. She chose the triple chocolate, which was an excellent choice. I instantly saw her 20 years later, picking out her wedding cake. She is growing up too fast.

Super Star!

Marcus's, brother Jeff, came out to visit. Marcus made Jeff wear this on their bike ride.
Lauren loves her Uncle Jeff. She was so sad when he left.


Ariel is Lauren's favorite princess. She was so excited for Halloween. I surprised her that night by spraying her hair red. She makes a beautiful red head. Chase was a pirate. He loved carrying around his sword.
Chase had so much fun at the trunk or treat. We hadn't even backed out of the parking spot before he was asleep.
Chase, Davis as Woody, Lauren, and Gabbie as a bee.
Lauren's friends: Mariah, Aubrey, Carissa, and Zoe.

Taking a nap

Marcus and Chase usually fall asleep together while watching football. I think it is so cute, and finally took a picture of it.