Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school

Yesterday was Lauren's first day of school.  This is her last year of preschool, and then it is off to kindergarten.  She was so excited.  We were even ready 15 min. before school started.  She is getting so big!  Chase was so sad and cried when I dropped Lauren off at school.  He wanted to go so bad.

Lauren and her friend Kylee.    

Holding a snake!

Lauren and Chase went to a birthday party where they got to hold and touch different reptiles.  This party was so cute, and the kids had a ton of fun.  At the end, you could choose which reptile you wanted to take a picture with.  Lauren, of course, chose the snake.
The snake wrapped around Lauren and Baysia.
Lauren was absolutely loving this.  She is obsessed with snakes, and will tell all sorts of stories about snakes.  (usually the story will end with her being bitten by a rattle snake.).
Chase liked to look, but did not want to touch.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Marcus, his Counterpart, and one of the doctors he works with, participated in a relay triathlon.  They came in 1st!  Marcus is an awesome swimmer, and had a really fast swim time.  

Another Camping trip

Olivia, Kyla, Lauren, and Shannon
The kids were busy one morning building a bear trap. They strung wire around a cluster of trees.  This is a picture of Carissa, Elise, Kyla, Mariah, and Lauren in front of the bear trap when it was all finished.
Chase hung out at the snack table most of the time.  Whenever I couldn't find him, I would just walk down to the snack table, and there he would be, eating chips, cookies, and candy.

We went camping with a bunch of friends in the middle of July.  We went to a different camping spot that had a beautiful lake.  We had so much fun!  I definitely want to camp there every year.


Kate, Amy, Sara, and I relaxing on the beach. 
Chase loved going on boat rides.  
Chase and Mackenzie playing on the beach.
Steve was a good sport. He paddled the kids around the lake over and over.
In between the two boats is a rock.  We named it Mermaid Island.  The kids loved playing on it. 

More camping...

Our friend had an old American Flag that he retired while we were camping.  In this picture, I am explaining the importance of the Flag to Lauren.
Chase roasting marshmellows

Chase has the cutest profile!

Random Pictures