Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been tagged.  Here is what you do:  take pictures of certain things exactly as they are, at that moment, without straightening up or changing anything.  Luckily, my kids are in bed, so my house is picked up.

1.  kitchen sink

2.  toilet
3.  what is your spouse/kids doing right now.  Marcus just got home from a dinner program, about to share his dessert with me.  
The kids are sound asleep.

Tagged cont....

      4.   Laundry room (above)
      5.  Fridge
     6.  Favorite shoes
7.  Favorite Room.  
       I love this room, because it is the first room you walk into, and it is ALWAYS clean
   8.  Dream vacation...  Greece, Bora Bora, Italy
   9.  Closet.  

10.  Self Portrait.
          Sorry no picture here.  It is way to late at night.

Now I tag all of my Ricks' roomies.


I am finally posting the pictures of Halloween.  We had a fun Halloween this year.  Chase was so excited to go trick or treating.  He ran to every house, and every once in a while, I heard him ask for more candy.  Lauren was really cute.  At every house, she would ask if the candy had nuts (she has a severe nut allergy).  I was so proud of her.  We went trick or treating with my brother and his kids.  The picture above is of Chase and my nephew Davis.Lauren was Princess Fiona.  I think her favorite part of Halloween, was putting on make- up.