Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ice skating

Lauren has started taking ice skating lessons.  She loves it!  It was her first time ever skating, so she was little nervous.  I had to help her walk to the ice, but after the lesson, she could walk off the ice and into the lobby all by herself.  When we are in the lobby, she and her friends can't help but gawk at the older girls in their pretty outfits, and pink ice skates.  They stare at the girls, and tell them they look pretty.  It's so cute.  The above picture is of Chase getting a ride with our friend Jeff, while the lesson was going on.   In the below pictures, Lauren is in the pink Jacket.  

She insisted on wearing a skirt over her jeans, so she could be like an ice princess.  

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Stephanie said...

She is so adorable! Okay so we need to meet halfway and do something together!!!:)